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BestSuite Solutions

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Leading international traditional exchange experience, creating a first-class cypto trading platform.


  • Advanced Technology

    Fourth-generation standard international exchange architecture Leading indicators around the world, supporting dynamic horizontal expansion.

  • Full Functions

    Trading, market data, settlement, risk control, wallet, market maker, BI and operating monitoring system.

  • Various Products

    Providing spot, future, perpetual swap, options and OTC trading.

  • Flexible Customization

    Custmized by system, module, product and function.


Technical Architecture Safety -
Applying Advanced technologies such as low latency, high bandwidth, high performance memory processing, distributed parallel processing, asynchronous replication and multi-point fault tolerance to support multi-disaster preparedness/multi-activity and ensure stable operation of exchanges.
Data Communication Security +
From the perspective of system access and control, the multi-layer control has been applied, and take the advanced tamper-proof technology in the industry to protect the safety.
Cold / Warm / Hot Wallet System +
Risk separation: assets in offline cold wallet are deposited in Custodian under collaborative trusteeship mode; through account password auditing and public key, private key can be operated to withdraw assets; warm wallet access separation, risk isolation.
Security Mechanism +
Code Security Audited by Slow Mist, Peckshield and etc..Passed security audit and security testing to ensure no back door and loopholes.